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Our web-only volume based discount structure is simple and fair.

Instead of selling discounted packs that may contain items you don't need, you can choose exactly what you want, and get a discount based on the size of your order...much fairer eh?

For all orders placed online, when you spend between $25.00 - $49.99 you receive a 5% automatic discount, then for larger orders the automatic discount increases:

$50 to $99.99 = 10%
$100 to $149.99 = 15%
$150 to $199.00 = 20%
$200 or more = 25%

Rules: You have to order online ... (that's it). 

The website will automatically calculate the discount for you. 

(Hint: we don't mind if you call all your friends and order together to get the big 25% discount, it just needs to go to one delivery address.  You will then have to hand them out, or better still get your friends to pick them up from you.  After all, you have organised the whole thing!). 


Phone Order Discount Structure

You may order over the phone with one of our lovely operators if you wish, but the discount structure is 5% less at each level:

$50 to $99.99 = 5%
$100 to $149.99 = 10%
$150 to $199.00 = 15%
$200 or more = 20%

Please note: in our older brochures that you may have, there are Value Packs listed.  You may still order these packs over the phone or by posting the brochure in to us, but the volume discount does not apply to the packs, only individual items purchased separately.


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