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Q.  When will I get my labels?

A. Orders are dispatched within 2-4 business days to allow time for personalisation of your labels. 

If you select Australia Post Standard delivery (non-trackable), you will receive your order 6-10 days after dispatch, depending on your delivery address.  Please note, Australia Post may not deliver to your letterbox every week day.

If you select Australia Post Express Post delivery (trackable), you will receive your order 1-3 days after dispatch, depending on your delivery address.  Please note, Australia Post do not guarantee next day delivery however, most metro and major regional centre deliveries occur within this shorter timeframe.  


Q.  Can I pick up my order?

A.  No, unfortunately this option is not available.

Q.  Do you ship internationally?
A.  Yes, we ship everywhere! Standard international postage is $14.95 and is FREE for orders over $100. Your order will leave with Australia Post International.  (If you live in a major metropolitan centre, you would expect to receive your order within 7-14 working days)Trackable Express international postage with Australia Post is $29.95. 

Q.  How much is postage within Australia?
A.  $3.95 for Standard shipping via Australia Post Priority Post and FREE for orders over $75Please note Australia Post quote that this service takes 6-10 working days in the post to arrive.

For trackable deliveries, choose Australia Post Express Post service at checkout, which will speed up the delivery to you ($12.95).  This service is typically 1-3 business days (next business day delivery for locations within the Australia Post next day delivery network).

Q.  Can I split a pack of labels between two or more names?
A.  No, sorry.   We do print a pack of 14 stick-on labels, the smallest pack on the market.
Any less than this and you will run out in a few weeks!

Q.  What payment types do you accept?
A.  Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and *direct deposit to our bank account.

*Please note that paying by direct deposit will slow down dispatch of your order as we do not print your labels until we have received payment for them

Account Name: That's Mine Pty Ltd
BSB Number: 062155
Account Number: 10556672

Q.  Is your website safe?
A.  YES.  Our secure site is fully encrypted and your credit card details only pass between you and our secure payment processor.  We never see your card details, nor do we store them anywhere in our system. 

Q.  Can I place my order over the phone?
A. If you are having difficulties placing your order, please email us at and one of our staff members will be happy to help you over the phone from 9.00 am - 4.00 pm Sydney time Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).  Please include your mobile number.  


Q.  How do I apply my iron-on labels?
A.  Pre-heat your iron to the hottest setting (no steam).

Peel off one of your iron-on name labels from the backing strip(s) and position it on the item you want to attach it to, with the name facing up (find a place where the label will not accidentally be ironed over in future).

Locate the piece of silicon paper that is also included with your order and place it over the name label. This silicon paper is regular baking paper.

Apply firm and even pressure over the silicone paper with the iron until a good bond is formed. The length of time required to get a good bond between the name label and the item will vary depending on the density of the fabric. For example, it may take up to a minute, or more, when attaching the label to denim (or towels or woollen socks) and only 20 seconds for a more delicate fabric (such as polyester or blended fabrics).

We recommend several short applications of heat, of approximately 10-15 seconds each time so that you can check progress without damaging the fabric.

To avoid smudging labels keep the iron stationary while applying pressure.

Allow the silicone paper to cool and then you can remove it. You will know the label has bonded with the fabric when the grain of the fabric is slightly visible through the label. If this is not the case, you can re-apply the silicon paper and apply heat once again.

Once bonded, the name labels are soaker, washing machine and tumble dryer proof (even through commercial laundries).

Once applied, iron only on the reverse side of the label to prevent melting.

Q.  What if I can't make my iron-on labels work?
A.  Then we will refund you.  We are so confident in the durability and quality of our product that we will refund you 100% of the value of your iron-on labels if they don't live up to our claims.  Simply return the unused labels with a brief note outlining the problem, within 3 months of purchase.

If you need some help with the instructions, please email us ( and include your mobile number so we can assist. If the labels are properly bonded to the fabric, they simply won't come off.

Q.  What do I need?

I am having a baby!

  • 1 packet of 28 stick-on labels (small or medium size) for bottles and other containers
  • 1 bag tag for your baby bag

My baby/toddler is starting daycare: 

  • 1 packet of 56 stick-ons (for bottles, lunchboxes, anything that leaves the house)
  • 1 packet of 70 or 105 iron-ons (you'll need to label every item of clothing they will wear)
  • 1 bag tag
  • 12 shoe overlays

My child is starting school (K):

  • 1 packet of 56 stick-ons
  • 1 packet of 35 iron-ons
  • 1 packet of 12 shoe overlays
  • 1 or 2 bag tags (school bag and library/sports bag)

My child is going in to Years 1-6:

  • 1 packet of 56 stick-ons
  • 1 packet of 70 iron-ons (remember school camps require everything labeled!)
  • 1 packet of 12 shoe overlays
  • 2 bag tags (school bag and library/sports bag)
  • 1 packet of 130 pencil labels (for all stationery)

My child is starting Boarding School:

  • 1 packet of 56 adult or clear stick-ons
  • 1 packet of 105 or 210 iron-ons (you'll get through them!)
  • 1 packet of 24 shoe overlays
  • 2 or 3 bag tags (school bag and library/sports bag)
  • 1 packet of 130 pencil labels (also great for glasses, swimming goggles, mobiles)

My child is starting High School:

  • 1 packet of 56 adult or clear stick-ons
  • 1 packet of 70 iron-ons (remember school camps)
  • 1 packet of 12 shoe overlays
  • 1 packet of 130 pencil labels (also great for glasses, swimming goggles, mobiles)

My family member is going into a nursing home:

  • 105 iron-ons (these will go through the industrial laundry and are the only iron-on clothing labels that many nursing homes will allow.  Remember every item of underwear, socks, nightwear and day clothing needs to be labelled)
  • 1 packet of adult stick-on labels may be useful for small personal items like brushes, walking frames, canes and shoes