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Getting Ready for Back to School with That's Mine

Posted by Kate on

It's that time of year again - when families are getting ready for the new school year with uniforms, stationery and lunchboxes - and of course name labels! You can help your child to manage their possessions by ensuring their name is on everything that leaves the house. Properly labelled clothing and equipment help develop a child's sense of responsibility for the things they'll need at school, as well as giving them a helping hand to ensure that the drink bottle they accidentally left in the playground does find its way back to them.

We recommend one of our "easy to see across a classroom or playround" labels for all bigger possessions such as lunchboxes, drinkbottles, pencil cases, hockey sticks, helmets, calculators and rulers - Small or Medium Stick Ons or Sizeable Stick Ons are ideal here and our two-colour packs let kids choose a couple of favourite colours. 

For smaller stationery items such as pens, pencils, textas, glasses, sharpeners and goggles, pencil labels are the best choice and are a quick and cost-effective solution to managing all these smaller items.

For school uniforms you need to be able to rely on a clothing label that won't come off in the washing machine or dryer - our Iron-On Labels are perfect and now come in a range of fun colours and a larger size if you wish to add another line of text. Don't forget to label items of clothing that might get left at friend's houses too - beach towels and hoodies may just make their way home again if they are clearly named.

Finally, pick up a pack of our Shoe Overlays so you can use the Stick On Labels for naming shoes - the clear overlay sticks over a Stick On Label for an easy solution to lost shoe syndrome...