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No more lost shoes

Posted by Kate on

Kids’ shoes. They’re essential, they’re often expensive … and they’re easily lost.
Here’s what you can do to help keep them with their owner.

Step 1: A Stick On Label with your child’s name

Put a That’s Mine Stick On Label inside the shoe to clearly tell the whole world who that shoe belongs to.

Step 2: A Shoe Overlay over the top

And that’s it – the Shoe Overlay (a clear vinyl film which sticks neatly over the top of your Stick On Label) will protect and extend the life of your Stick On.

We like them because there's no need to buy specially-named shoe labels and you can use the one pack of Shoe Overlays for the shoes of every member of the family. (Even adults have been known to leave shoes at the gym or work!)

We also like them because shoes can be notoriously difficult to name (black school shoes anyone?) but one of our Stick On labels plus a Shoe Overlay is a neat cost-effective solution.

Our top recommendation?

Get those name labels and shoe overlays stuck on your new shoes as soon as you get them home, so they don't have time to wander and get left behind.

Send the right message to kids to take care of their things

Naming your children's new shoes as soon as they are purchased sends the message to kids that their shoes are important and you really really don't want them lost. It's not just that shoes are expensive and time-consuming to buy, it's also the case that they are an essential piece of kit for some very important activities - such as going to school in the correct uniform, or playing sport. And losing just one shoe is a deal breaker for the pair!

And finally…how a labelled shoe saved my day

I brought my children home from the beach one afternoon - a full four hours after buying new sandals for them all - only to find that my toddler son was wearing only one shoe!

Shortly afterwards the phone rang and a lovely lady who introduced herself as a retired teacher called to say she had picked up the missing shoe and seeing the name label, was determined to get it back to its rightful owner . She gave us a call and offered to drop around the shoe the next day.

Her kindness was prompted by decades of frustration at seeing unloved and un-named possessions left in the schoolyard, and she was determined that this lost shoe story would have a happy ending!

Have you had any happy endings or close calls with labelled shoes?